Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Review: Marvel's The Avengers

The Avengers. Marvel's The Avengers to be more exact, so no one gets this movie confusesd with The Avengers TV show from the 60's (or the shitty movie it spawned in the 90's). If you haven't seen this Movie what the hell is wrong with you!!! Joss Whedon has now surpassed Christopher Nolan as the premier director of the super hero genre. Dont misunderstand I still love Nolans' Batman films, but as super hero movies goes Avengers has them all beat. It has the right mix of action, drama, tension, comedy, and "old-fashioned".  There is just enough backstory for people who haven't seen the individual movies, but not so much as to put off those who have see all the individual movies.  Plus there's an "I cant belive that he's the one who's in charge" moment during the credits.  The film had a nice mixture of classic Avengers, Ultimite universe, and new "movie universe" elements. Now it may just be me, but I thought the characters that shined in this film were Captain America and the Black Widow.  Dont get me wrong, each character had their moments, but those 2 were my favorites.  A $207 million domestic opening weekend, coupled with the success of Sam Rami's Spider-man trilogy, should be a clear indicator to Hollywood that fanboy directors and superhero movies are the right combination, not some French fuck who made Galactus a cloud because he "Doesn't like giant robots". I thourouly enjoyed this movie and I think you will too.  So, GO SEE THIS FILM!!!!!! NOW!!! You'll thank me later.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Now That I Have a Blog....Testing...

Now that I have broken down and started a Blog, I find myself without ideas as to what I should put in it. I guess I started with a Run-On sentence. My English Teachers always got after me about that... I suppose its because my brain is a jumbled mess o f movies, kids, wife, TV, diet soda, tweets, internet, friends, Star Wars, comics, books, GetGlue...(you get the picture) all rampantly bouncing around inside my skull for at least 18 hours a day. Every day. Seven days a week (eight days a week, were I a Beetle). See what I mean? Does that make my brain a random shit container? Probably. Oh well, we can't all be Dr. Sheldon Coopers, can we? Well I do believe that is enough from the Random Shit Container for now.